Audit, Pivot, Digital Transformation — Sprint !

One of the things that I am guilty of is holding back as an introvert from fear of failure and judgment…..

The week before lockdown I had just moved into an office space to run workshops. A lot of my clients were 1:1 and like so many I lost business overnight.

I had to cancel a retreat and workshops, a product, and book launch, as many have been impacted, we are all in this, many impacted more from isolation. Businesses going under overnight and many families impacted and suffering from mental health. I resulted to the drawing board to practice what I teach, Auditing and Digital Transformation, it is the only way for survival for many right now.

After auditing my own Business, Consultancy, Products, and Services, I worked collaboratively on ways to move more services online, leveraging BOTS, Robotics, Technology, and Innovation. Tired of playing small and took the time out to overhaul my business to apply for trademarks and wind up what was not working.

I adopted an Agile Mindset, implementing a Sprint Methodology ***I have Product Owner and Scrum experience and knowledge***.

I had amazing clients, JV’s but I was scared of video and hid. Are you are guilty of this too? stop it, honestly people need you ! Take imperfect action! Since moving more services and trainings online I am able to help serve those who require Digital Upskilling.

I approached retail partners with a product idea and they said yes. Accredited my Trainings, Frameworks, licenses and assisting those looking to monetise their knowledge and skills fast based on the uncertain circumstances.

10 days ago I graduated from a Silicon Valley Exec Program after being trained by Global Industry Leaders, the leading tech companies, disruptive startups, and top Silicon Valley Companies and experts and contributed on Managing Digital Transformation and Innovation.

It was amazing to get first-hand case studies, methodologies as well as have my methodologies used and validated.

Executive Digital Transformation Training by Companies from:

SAP, Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle

and more.

One of my own learnings from Microsoft is the importance of Storytelling. Do not wait to be perfect to showcase your projects, take your audience on your journey. Businesses are failing and have been hugely impacted by COVID, many from the lack of Digital, Systems, or Technology knowledge.

I am certainly conducting and implementing transformation for my agency but I am also excited to share and case studies and key learnings that are saving Businesses during these uncertain times. How have you made adjustments to your Business or work environment in a response to COVID 19?

KYC Consulting Digital



Award-Winning Business Consultant | Digital | Marketing | Project Manager |Innovation| Tech|Business Solutions Architect /Robotics /Lead Gen Curator

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Katrina Young

Award-Winning Business Consultant | Digital | Marketing | Project Manager |Innovation| Tech|Business Solutions Architect /Robotics /Lead Gen Curator