Benefits of Messenger Marketing

You receive many requests that are similar to each other, have a FAQ or services listing on your website, which you can add to a BOT to increase lead generation.

For every business, there is always a set of typical questions that your employees have to answer over and over again. You can gather all these matters in the FAQ form on the website or Facebook page, or you can create a chatbot for that. Also, chatbots are essential when customers need to get consultation ASAP.

Products you sell, which are low involvement and may be low hanging fruit.

Low involvement goods and services mean that the clients do not spend much time on making a decision to buy or not to buy. Emotions dictate such purchases, and I bet you do not want to miss such customer`s impulse by not providing info in time. By one single request bots immediately understand what the customer want and offer it without human interaction.

Your customers need information that is easy to provide
Everything is simple. The more you can give to your client conditionally for free, the more loyalty you get. That is how your chatbot actually can become another channel of winning the sympathy. From another hand, by providing info automatically also you save some money for human recourses. Also take a note that this information can be easily personalized.

You work in a highly competitive niche
Working in a field where products, services, and prices for them are mostly the same, it is hard to compete. Most likely that your customer will choose the vendor that requires spending fewer efforts to get a product. Moreover, again your chatbot is a winning strategy! First of all, you customer will get information regardless the day of the week, time, holiday, etc. Secondly, no one likes to speak by phone nowadays.

5 Inspiring Chatbot Use Cases Source Source Examples for using a Chatbot to compliment your service

Chatbots change the form of communication between the brand and consumer. Of course, some of them will stay with us longer, and another are going to evolve further. Anyway, there are no doubts that both users and brands can get benefits from this technology. We have gathered five inspiring chatbot use cases.

1. Shopping
The percentage of consumers who prefer to buy online is inexorably increasing every year. Today this number tends up to 45%. At the same moment, there is another curious fact. 64% of consumers search online before making a purchase, which means that even those who prefer offline shopping spend some time looking online before this.

That is why chatbots can become one of the most important channels for your retail business. As it is written above, this model will better work for the products with little involvement like clothes or accessories. Furthermore, chatbot helps you to ensure your customer with a personalized experience.
The good example of retail chatbot is Shop Spring. You do not need to chat with it, only to pick up some answers from the list of questions to narrow down the options for final choice. The main advantage of the bot before marketplace is that it minimize the number of actions and clicks that user needs to do.

2. Payments
With the help of chatbot, you can not only choose the product or service but also and buy it. At the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016, the Head of Messenger David Marcus has announced that bots are going to accept payments. So indeed, from the late September 2016, Facebook Messenger users can not only initiate orders but complete them through payment systems like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

3. Restaurants & Delivery
The main point of any fast food is quick. Your chatbot here will win on all counts. It`s always online and ready to take an order in few steps. The good example is Pizza Hut. We are committed to our servicing our customers in the most convenient way and meeting them in the channels they already prefer, said Baron Concors, Pizza Huts Chief Digital Officer.

Another great example is the Domino`s. The system is more sophisticated. After the sign-up, the system saves contacts and so-called favorite basket that the user can request later. This bot also has an excellent sense of humor

4. Healthcare

Same as in the financial sphere, any healthcare or hospital app requires a high level of security standards. The confidentiality of patient`s private data and HIPAA compliance are crucial.

Healthcare chatbot patient can book an appointment with doctors, pay invoices for services, store and track all payments and medical case. Also, such chatbot can perform as an instrument of patients education. Such strategy helps healthcare providers to build stable and value-rich relations.
The great example of a medical bot is a HealthTap that instantly connects users to doctors. The database of medical staff includes 100,000 physicians from over 140 specialties.

5. Customer Support

Customer support and technical assistance are quite resource consuming part of any business. By simply process mapping your services, this service can also be improved with the help of chatbots, as well as saving your Business money.

By creating a chatbot for business, you can automate repetitive requests. Your customer will appreciate the direct communication that avoids holding on the line and talking to strangers from support service.

Using Chatbots is a powerful tool for the brand-to-customer communication that also helps to reduce costs and resources. The reason for such exploding popularity is the rise of mobile messengers and extension technology of artificial intelligence.

Vendors and retailers need to rethink their communication strategies to strengthen their presence in the channels where their customers prefer to be. For now, it is messenger apps.


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Katrina Young

Katrina Young

Award-Winning Business Consultant | Digital | Marketing Specialist | Project Manager |Innovation| Tech|Funnel Architect /Robotics /Lead Gen Curator & Aggregator

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