Choosing Aligned Technology

Katrina Young
5 min readApr 7, 2023

That supports your business from growth, product development, launching, and developing your innovative frameworks to scale

Katrina Young is a multi-award-winning, named as one of the top 40 Digital UK Women to Watch 2020 — Strategic Business Venture Consultant. Her superpowers include Online Innovation, Technology Enabler, Digital Transformation and Marketing Specialist. Her passion is to demystify technology and R&D Research at the intersection of Marketing.

Supporting global clients, Katrina Consult trains and coaches agencies, corporations and business owners with her framework process. She helps SMEs, enterprises & corporations with business strategy, digital, and product management, transferring skills and knowledge into digital products, marketing, sales funnel and business growth transformation. She has been featured in Forbes, Psychologies Magazine and The Times.

Choosing aligned technology that supports your business from growth, product development, launching, developing your innovative frameworks, and product development to scale.

Many companies are building technology systems with great features and big budgets but don’t consider how those technologies will align with their business strategies. Building a solid business strategy is the first step to designing technology that serves it.

• Building systems that support your vision but are in line with your nervous system — Build systems designed to support your vision but also align with and support your nervous system. We strive to make complex information easy to understand, enjoyable and accessible.

• Aligned anti-hustle — launching — Today, most businesses use rapid innovation to capture more profits. The more rapidly you can change, the more competitive you’ll be. This is a massive change from only a decade ago when stability and predictability were valued by business owners everywhere. In today’s business world, however, no one wants to operate in a way that will leave money on the table for their competitors or be left behind by the curve. Align your business technology with your launch goals and dreams. With the world changing so fast, you must have a partner who can help guide you through the technology jungle to pick products and solutions that will be best for your business and customers.

• Creating Evergreen Marketing Systems — This can be achieved by creating an evergreen marketing platform that generates leads, customers and revenue on autopilot.

• Automated Sales Systems — find your market and create systematised ways of bringing your message to interested prospects.

• Frameworks that support your business goals — Business technology can enable a company to be more nimble and develop innovative solutions to meet its customers’ needs. However, complex business frameworks can have a negative impact on the bottom line if they create more difficulties than they solve. The trick is to choose the proper framework that supports your goals while allowing you to run your business as efficiently as possible.

• Building Systems that serve — Aligned Business Technology provides an opportunity for small and midsize businesses to get the most out of their business technology investments. At a time when businesses are increasingly reliant on technology to be successful, it is crucial to understand the impact on your business. The choices that you make can help companies align the technologies they use with their business strategy and increase their chances of success.

• Activate your Aspirations — You can choose to optimise your current business processes or transform them completely by implementing a new technology platform. Awareness of how the different technologies available can affect your business, team and employees is crucial. Understanding the difference between them will help you make a more informed decision when choosing which is right for your business.

• Maximising your Budget — A technology strategy is the first step to maximising your business’s technology investment. The number of business systems and devices you must choose from can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Businesses today need to handle more data faster, at a lower cost and with greater agility. Aligned Business Technology helps you build the right-sized business-to-business technology operation for your industry, reduces the complexity and costs associated with processing transactions, and focuses on growing your core business activity.

Aligned Business Technology builds systems that serve your business, not the other way around. Our approach is to start with what you are trying to achieve as a company and then design a system using just-in-time development tools, an iterative process and open-source technologies that can scale from small companies to large multinational enterprises.

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