Creating a Profitable Digital Customer Journey Map

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Katrina Young
6 min readJun 28, 2021

Creating a Profitable Digital Customer Journey Map Designing a well-thought-out, humanistic Customer journey map for your customers enables you to gain clarity on your Customer’s touchpoints, wants, desires and needs. It also allows you to design and create eq orientated products, services, and experiences taking into account your businesses and customers’ need. It also allows you to consider key components of your customer service offering. By understanding your audience’s wants, needs, and motivations from pain, to search, consideration, engagement to purchases, and beyond.


Over the last 10 years or so, with the increase in online digital commerce, customers have been presented with a plethora of choice. Consumers have greater access to information, now more than ever before and that access has been used to our advantage. Consumers are learning from their customer experience and are motivated to seek out high-quality services, experiences, products, content and connect with brands that share their values. With the rise of social media and online consumer activism, people are more in control of their experiences and are more aware of their rights than ever before. This has led to consumers spending more time, with greater brand exposure, reading and exploring through c0ntent, websites and apps. This drives consumers to purchase from a brand more often and make purchase decisions faster. Sales increase as a result of the consumer empowerment.


The customer’s journey

What is a customer journey? As your Customer journey map is designed, it should be broken down into, but not limited to the following key components:

  • Information
  • Your customer journey map should address and map a personal digital journey.
  • From enquiries, to trials and final buying decisions.

Your digital journey map should also address your website customer experience. This means that your website and all touchpoints including mobile, social media, call centre, loyalty programs, and website remarketing should be mapped. It should also include your Customer Management function. Which should map contact, and transaction, information.

The customer journey map

will be able to: Improve planning, and improve process. Change and adapt to market changes. Create more valuable marketing content and make more effective campaigns. Update and align your offerings to current customer expectations. Improve customer experience and streamline customer support. The Customer Journey Map you will need to create is: A store or website map Maps made by Google have millions of customer journeys that you can choose from. They range from the ‘Right Phone Number’, ‘Flat Rates’ or ‘Hassle Free’ to ‘Where to’ or ‘I Don’t have time’ The layout of the map will depend on the industry it is based on. However, you should know what the journey looks like for your customer before you start.


The customer journey map — What is it?

A Customer journey map is a method of displaying all the key touchpoints and stages in the purchase journey of a consumer. It shows the customer where they are in the journey, how they educate themselves and when it is most important for them to finish their journey by using each stage. It also helps you to determine the type of content the customer will respond well to, the amount of push they should be given to help them finish their journey and more. Who Benefits?

Why do we need a customer journey map?

When designing or redesigning our products, services, and experiences we have many decisions we have to make. These decisions often require us to pay close attention to the different touchpoints our audience is involved in with our company. If we cannot understand how and why our audience uses our products, services, or experiences, we cannot design/create the best experience for our audience. If we do not pay attention to the different aspects of our audience’s interactions with our business we will never be able to focus on a truly profitable experience for our audience. What is a Customer journey map and how does it help? A customer journey map is a strategic, online and sometimes graphical representation of all the different touchpoints our audience is involved with our business.


How to create a customer journey map

Below are some of the top tips, tricks and tools you can use to create your Customer Journey Map that reflects your business’s customer experience vision, goals and business vision and future.

Research your audience’s current pain points

Use templates from tools such as this to understand your customer avatars, personas, demographics, psychological needs, eq and psycho demographic.

Do you know your customers’ pain points?

Where are they?

What can a prospect read to help them to

What content, graphics, case studies, testimonials prompt a prospect to make a step towards solving their pain points or seeking solutions?

What products, services and experiences are they trying right now?

These pain points are what you should base your customer journey map on.

You can learn about this by checking your data, insights, metrics, surveys and visiting your social media stats.


Here is a quick and short summary to help you create a digital customer journey map, and understand the factors that determine success or failure.

Step 1 Decide on the Information/content you want to include that help your prospect at every level of their touchpoint and split it into segments like education, information, critical purchasing information, purchase path, fulfilment, account management and service.

Step 2 Identify and Rank your audiences likes, dislikes and needs based on the collected information.

Step 3 Draw each element of the prospects journey map on a priority of information to purchase and then rank it for depth or solving your prospects.

Step 4 List the actions required to complete the journey at each stage of the journey and then break it down in sub-segments based on action.

Step 5 Work out the appropriate length of the journey, the pace of the customer journey and the possible ways to reach your audience.

Digital Customer Journey Mapping helps companies create digital customer journeys and identify strategic business opportunities. Expert insights from eight case studies take you step-by-step through the process of creating a customer journey map, uncovering new opportunities as you go.

🖐It’s essential to map your customer journey. Customer experience mapping gives you a deeper understanding of the people behind your company. It allows you to visualise pain points and opportunities surrounding the user experience. allowing you to understand your customers’ expectations and deliver a better customer experience.

  • This service is offered to those who have gaps in the sales process
  • Identify online digital sales gaps and who you improve online digital sales system process to identify lost profit

Why is Journey Mapping important? It helps uncover customer gap areas that need attention. This may result in;

  • Not converting
  • No Digital Strategy
  • No Online Sales

Every customer journey is different. From how they navigate the mobile digital messaging world around them, to what influences the prospects, customer buying process, and ultimately the conversion — we need to better understand these journeys in order to eliminate complexity along the way.


  • Auditing
  • Conversion Copy
  • Strategy
  • Identifying technology and solutions and more
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Online Digital Customer Journey Strategy

Enabling you to map your customer journey and create a roadmap for your business and customers online needs, supporting you to identify key areas that can make the process smoother for your customers.

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