Enterprise Nation partnership — Expert Advisor

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How do small businesses contact me through the platform?

There are several ways for community members to contact me, engage and work with me:

  • Connect with me to become part of my Enterprise Nation network
  • Book a discovery call
  • Request one of my services
  • Or join my free Enterprise Nation Group

An expert advisor at Enterprise Nation, you can connect with me here

Enterprise Nation, where advisers help the community to grow. Adviser members assist small businesses in a variety of areas.

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Digital Business and Culture Transformation Hub, join us here.

We provide training, workshops, resources, expertise, and consultation support in adopting digital, technology, and innovative methods for business marketing, operations, systems, learning, and operations.



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Katrina Young

Katrina Young


Award-Winning Business Consultant | Digital | Marketing Specialist | Project Manager |Innovation| Tech|Funnel Architect /Robotics /Lead Gen Curator & Aggregator