Focusing on the Emergence Plan — Navigating Uncertain times

I know this time is hard. My heart goes out to those impacted by the uncertainty, I know I certainly am. Wishing those who may have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 my sincere condolences. For those who have suffered from symptoms I am sending healing and wrapping my community, colleagues, and loved ones in my prayers. We are all impacted and in this together. It all begins with us and I have decided to share tips with my community to navigate uncertain times for rebuilding. For my well-being I will limit my consumption of the News and Social media stories and focus on how I can help myself and others as a Digital and Online specialist.

Lockdown for many has also presented the opportunity to stop and for me it has been a time to go within and realign to my purpose.

Therefore, ​I am focused on finding the silver lining and sharing value with others. I am replacing all fear with a focus on emerging from this nightmare with a plan.

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Here is what I have been doing ​ ⬇️

Re-calibrating my vision and Pivoting — ​I had found co-working space and had workshops, classes, and a forthcoming retreat. Revision of the plan has meant reorganising, adjusting and creating various pieces of training in a variety of formats to serve a wider audience

✔️Mental Wellbeing — everyone is on a Global Lockdown which means that for some there be challenges — For me, this is meant practicing daily acts of self-care as well as quality family time

✔️​Lifestyle — knowing that for a time I have to adjust to the ‘new normal’

✔️​Balance — allowing myself space and time to go within

✔️​Contacting clients and friends to reassure them and check that everyone is safe

✔️​Apply for resources — I have used this time to submit bids, check what is available to me in my local community as well as completing short courses

✔️​Restoration/ — using the time to heal and create a new timetable around homeschooling

✔️​Check-in with those you love — this has been a time of connecting with loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients

✔️​Start your book — I have used the time to analyse whether the framework of my book applies to any market, economy, etc, the pandemic has been a reminder that nothing is a given

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✔️​STOP — it is ok to stop and just be

✔️​Source and apply for any funding or grants which you may be eligible for In your country or local area

✔️​DIY or Craft — if you run out of anything to do, it’s a great time to work on those DIY or craft projects

✔️​Find support — more people are willing to help, more than you can imagine at this time check out local forums and online groups

✔️​Contact clients or work colleagues — ​now is the time to contact clients, life has changed for everyone, they may require your support. If you are remote working for the first time there may be colleagues who can offer you support if you are struggling.

✔️​ Budget — ​now is a time to reach out to bill providers to see if they can help and adjust your budget to accommodate this emergency crisis

Be open to new approaches, techniques for operating your business, making an income, and working. Now is a time to be agile and adopt new ways of thinking, working, and employing new methods for delivery of service.

🌎No one has the answers, but I truly believe by focusing on what I can change relieves anxiety, stay safe💕

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