How to use cross-selling for the middle of funnel sales promotions: 📈💡

The Importance of Cross-Selling for Your Middle Funnel Sales Promotions

Because the attribution of sales can become complicated as revenue is funnelled through many intermediaries, most business owners and companies focus on the largest channel and typically ignore alternative promotional opportunities. However, the middle of the funnel offers an opportunity to use cross-selling at a lower cost than at other stages of the purchase and one-time offers. One of the most important things you do when doing sales promotions. To capitalise on this, companies should consider strategies that cross-sell with their other channels from when a prospect initially sees or learns about them, until the purchase is completed.

How to use cross-selling for your middle funnel sales promotions

Why is cross-selling important?

What are the benefits of cross-selling?

It allows you to focus on a wider range of products.

It increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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It has an impact on the average lifetime value (LTV) of your customers.

How do I create a cross-sell strategy?

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Middle of sales funnels (3).png


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