💡Lead Generation 👩🏽‍💻 converting strangers into prospects using Social Media💰

The large majority of businesses either want or need more clients, work or overall sales. That probably includes you too, right?

“Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Some examples of lead generators are job applications, coupons, and online content.”

Getting in that initial hook in before you convert anything into a sale is vital.

Show and share *some* of what you know! Not only is it a great way to showcase that you’re fabulous at what you do, but you can also warm people up to what you’re ultimately selling.

Here’s how you can improve or start the lead generation game:

Create Social Media Content — Create social media content that will speak directly to your ideal persona. From telling infographics to thought-provoking videos; attract and intrigue people. It always helps to pop a CTA at the end of a post too.

For extra bonus points — why not throw together a quick microblog? It doesn’t even have to be over 350 words.

Create an eBook — Educate your potential leads! It is easy to capture the leads from the simple act of downloading a course or eBook and add them into your sales funnel.

Referral Schemes — Many businesses put a spin on the whole ‘word of mouth’ process by offering a scheme, discount or prize for referring a friend.

Host a Webinar Event — Creating an event doesn’t mean setting up a potentially pricey event in your local function room anymore, (although, that can still work). Host your own Facebook Webinar and make it worth watching! You can invite talkers, give advice and throw out some CTAs again while you’re there.

Tip: Wondering how to direct and attract a large number of people to these processes? You can always set up Facebook Adverts and funnel people that way. Even better if you have identified your target audience beforehand.

Lead generation can be a long game to play, don’t worry!

It is important to remember that you’re leading them down your sales funnel.




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