Turn your skills and knowledge into a business improvement Saas using low code

Are you a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Enterprise or SME? with industry experience that you can turn into a business improvement tool?

Design and build your own powerful business improvement SaaS solution. Use your skills and knowledge to design SaaS applications that can be deployed as a tool to mentor, teach, coach or consult.

Your Skills and Knowledge

The idea of a SaaS tool may sound intimidating at first, but when implemented correctly, these tools can actually help you do your work even better as well as support your customers as a bonus.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento allow businesses to create websites on the internet and sell their products online. These platforms provide the tools necessary for online stores to run smoothly and efficiently. The most popular Saas tools are used by many professionals in a wide variety of industries, from marketers to programmers to designers. Now is a good time to take advantage of your skills and knowledge, to create innovative Saas tools. Learn how they can improve your business model and offers! Design and build your own powerful business improvement SaaS solution. Use your skills and knowledge to design SaaS applications that can be deployed across an enterprise.

A great platform that I use to create tools and support R & D activities is Bubble a low code platform. Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It’s a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code.

The New Digital Age

There are many different SaaS tools out there, which can make your decision seem overwhelming. You need to find the right one for you and your business. This is easier than it seems.

Microsoft can assist to accelerate the Software journey, check out this Microsoft video here

  • Digitise your service
  • Increasing
  • Create a competitive edge
  • Revolutionise your Business model

The SaaS Revolution

SaaS (Software as a Service) is an increasingly popular and common way to provide software. It has been estimated that by 2020, this industry was worth $70 billion dollars. Unlike traditional software, where you have to buy the license and install it on your own server, SaaS allows you to use the application over the internet. This means you can use the app without any installation or downloading and without having to pay for expensive licenses.

The benefits of using Saas are numerous:

-No need to install anything on your own computer

-Businesses don’t need to worry about wasting resources and money on IT infrastructure

-You have unlimited access to your software at all times

-It’s easier than traditional software because it doesn’t require much technical knowledge

-This allows you to create fusion teams and create low code software in-house solutions.

Build strong and powerful apps without coding — one of the best apps for your business without learning to code. No more Excel, Google sheets, or PowerPoint files. Build your own app using data-driven applications and low code environments with our platform.

Accelerate your Busines Digital Transformation. Your Business Improvement SaaS enables businesses to become more efficient through workflows and automated reporting.

You have a passion. You are ready to turn it into a career. Get you up and running quickly and guides your business model, pricing experiments, and product design. It focuses on what is important: learning about your users, increasing retention, and driving revenue.

What Is a SaaS Tool?

A SaaS tool provides software as a service to businesses. This means that, instead of having to install an app on your computer, you can use the software over the internet. It is usually only necessary for a small installation file to be downloaded in order to start using the SaaS tool.

The SaaS industry has been growing rapidly in recent years due largely in part to two reasons:

-Software companies are looking for ways to simplify their offerings and reduce costs

-More and more customers are demanding rapid deployment, affordability, and simplicity from their software

How To Build Your Own SaaS Tool

Design Your Tool

The first step in making your Saas tool is to think about how it will be used. What does the tool do?

Why does this particular function need to exist?

Who will use this tool and how often will they use it?

These are important questions to ask as you are establishing what needs to be included in the design of your SaaS application.

Once you’ve come up with the answers, you can start designing the interface of your application. The design significantly affects how people interact with your tool and how they feel about using it. It’s also a good idea to include UX/UI screenshots of other similar tools so that people will have an idea of what to expect when they sign up for your app.

Build Your Tool

Once you know what you want your SaaS application to do and how it should look, you can put these things together by actually building the software. There is free software available so don’t worry if you don’t have any programming skills! You can choose from a variety of platforms like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python and more. Choose whichever language best suits your needs. Once you have built the SaaS application, it’s time for deployment! Your Saas tool is now ready for public use!

Determine the Right Functionality For Your Saas Tool

The first step in designing and building your Saas tool is to determine which functionality you want it to have.

You can either create a tool that allows existing programs to be linked together, or you can create a standalone application.

If you want your tool to be linked with other programs, then you would need to decide which programs it links with and how the connections work. You may also want to consider what the user interface for your SaaS tool will look like.

If you want your SaaS tool to be standalone, you will need to determine what type of software package it is going to be. For example, if you are creating a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program, are you going for AutoCAD or SketchUp? The specific type of software package determines how the design will look and how the user experience will be.

The next step is determining what kind of business model your SaaS tool will have — subscription based or one time fee? Subscription based models allow users access as long as they pay their monthly fee while one time fees are only paid once for the full version license.

Design Your Own SaaS Tool

Saas tools are available to help a variety of businesses. However, you don’t have to be a programmer or designer in order to design your own SaaS application.

There are many tools and resources available that can help you successfully create your own software-as-a-service application, including:

1) Cloud hosting providers

2) Platforms for building online mobile apps, tools and web platforms

3) Design platforms

4) Tools for connecting with the API of other services, such as Zapier

5) Project management platforms, like Trello and Basecamp

6) Designers of all types who can help turn your ideas into reality

Consider How to Integrate It Into Existing Systems

SaaS tools are an excellent business improvement strategy, but a successful implementation requires proper planning. It is important to consider how to integrate your SaaS tool into existing systems.

A great tool that I use to create a low code saas solution is Stackby, which allows me to pull API automation from a range of platforms, they have a range of templates.


Positive change is driven by new ideas and innovation. But innovation is complex. Sometimes projects need to be connected with new opportunities or looked at from new perspectives to make a difference.

If you’re looking for experienced input into your idea, product, service, research or challenge, then invite us to get involved. We will not only work with you in understanding your market or challenge but will also direct you to the latest funding opportunities available, and how you can apply.

We work with enterprise organisations to uncover their hidden assets; converting the knowledge and skills of a company’s people into digital products, processes and platforms through low code technology. We then help your business reach customers through scalable sales and marketing strategies that make sense for your business. Our mission is to help you turn your skills and knowledge into a business improvement SaaS using low-code.

I wanted to turn my skills and knowledge into a business tool rather than spending my time on tedious custom programming for every customer. I found a flexible, user-centric and fully managed low-code platform that delivered a working version of the product in just a few weeks. When choosing a tool I look for excellent user experience combined with tailored workflows and powerful automation.

I decided to upskill with the best in the Industry joining Silicon Valley

“Kat has attended our executive-level program on Leading Digital Transformation and manifested herself as engaged, thoughtful and knowledgeable participant. She leveraged every speaker to the fullest asking insightful questions and shared her knowledge with the peers, encouraging group participation. It is rare to see both knowledgeable and knowledge-seeking professionals, and I am glad to have had Kat onboard! ”


I have been on the same journey myself, I took an immersive approach and applied to Acclerorators after first looking into this pathway in 2017, to take my MVP to the next level.

I have taken part in 3 great accelerators. There are many pathways to taking your ideas to Saas and then building your MVP, launching your solution, gaining traction, and finally raising finance.

After taking part in the Barclays Accelerator, I launched my Saas here. Multi-award-winning named as one of the top 40 Digital UK Women to watch 2020, Digital Women — Digital Innovator 2021 Strategic Business Venture Consultant, Fractional CMO, Online Innovation /Technology Enabler, Digital Transformation and, Marketing Specialist. Demystifying Technology, Innovation, & R&D Research.

Supporting Global Clients, Katrina Consult’s, Trains/Coaches Agencies, Corporations, and Business owners with her framework process. With features in Forbes, Psychologies Magazine and The Times, Kat assists clients to build a plan, solution and strategy, to increase digital business growth, sales and passive income. Supporting and educating you to choose the best strategies, tools,, solutions and technology to create conversion optimised digital products to sell via automated sales systems that are the best fit for your Business, skillset and lifestyle.

Katrina Consult helps businesses and individuals to build a plan so that they can increase sales, while also increasing their standard of living

Katrina’s framework process has been featured in various global media outlets, including Forbes and The Times. Consulting and supporting clients to build business strategies, marketing plans, and training to increase sales.

After a successful career in Project Management and Marketing, Katrina now Consult’s, Trains and Coaches Agencies, Corporations and Business owners with In-House CPD Accredited and certified solutions and strategies to audit, ideate, implement and build R & D Innovative, Technology Automated and active Sales Funnels, Digital Business Architecture Lead Systems and Client Acquisition Funnels.

Its a no!

Build, Test, and Launch — Your Own SaaS Tool

If you have skills and knowledge that could be leveraged to help other businesses work more efficiently, it’s time to think about designing your own powerful business improvement SaaS solution. For instance, you might be skilled in the field of customer service, providing in-depth knowledge on how to improve customer engagement.

It is important to note that before you build any software, it is crucial to have a strategy for testing and launching your product. When creating a new SaaS tool, there are four main steps involved:

1. Build Your Solution

2. Test Your Solution

3. Launch Your Solution

4. Apply For an API Key for scaling and integration

Increase your productivity and get more done by turning your skills and knowledge into a work improvement tool. The Saas Tool software permits non-technical people to create powerfully, complex SaaS to tackle any business challenge.

Build the business app that maximises your skills and knowledge, with a customisable low code platform. Looking for support with your Venture Business Improvement Strategy? Learn more here.



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