Using Facebook Groups for Lead Generation and Growth

Katrina Young
3 min readApr 23, 2018

Facebook Groups, can be a love hate, but can be great for meeting new people, demonstrating expertise, Lead Generation and and Business Growth. I have certainly found Facebook groups to be quite difficult to navigate. They can be a lot of hard work and Facebook groups are not what they used to be. That said I wanted to focus on the tips that I found helpful, when still using Facebook groups as part of my Lead Generation strategy.

Using Facebook Groups for Growth
There is a good chance that at some point you have been invited to a Facebook Group. Some people may view it as an exclusive invitation to join a top secret society and some people may perceive it as a bunch of spam, I was introduced a support Facebook Group for a Private Mastermind as a support mentoring group. I then joined a number of free networking groups and a really great interactive Business Group called The Freedom Hackers hosted by Kimra Luna. Some Facebook groups are also complimentary as part of meetup groups and ths is how I was originally introduced Facebook groups.
Facebook are really focusing on strengthening group communities.

For those who are not familiar with using Facebook groups, “A Facebook group is a page created for an organization or business to promote activities. Users can join the connected group and post their thoughts on a wall and interact through discussion threads.” Source (
If used correctly, they can actually GROW your business.

Here’s A few ways on how:
-Network, Network, Network! — Establish worthwhile business connections and friendships. It is not all about taking, giving value can help towards growth. You never know when someone will turn out to be a lead.

  • You can run ads to your group
    -Self-Promotion — Who would turn down a FREE advertising opportunity? That’s right, no one. A number of groups have a designated promotion day once a week.
    -Create a free local group to me other like-minded individuals and if you’re a business why not want to group so that you can start solving problems and creating free traffic to your business locally
  • Increase Engagement / Traffic — You can increase engagement and traffic across your own social platforms and website. The more relationships you build, the more your newfound connections will want to support your business

📲So, what are you waiting for? There are millions upon millions of Facebook groups to choose from, with more being created every day. Facebook currently allows you to join more than 6,000 groups!

🚨Please remember, there may be some member requirements that you need to follow. It is for the best that you give them a quick read before getting started! Do not get sucked up into thinking that you have to join 1000 groups.

Also one of my pet peeves is like as if you join a group at least interact, I personally have been a member of a run Facebook groups and I think it’s hard work creating content and posting for an audience who do not engage.

That said been in the right Facebook group has completely change my life and has increased potential business leads and has actually allowed me to make new friends and colleagues globally.

You can even search for them based on location, industry or community. Feeling particularly adventurous? You could even create your own group and invite your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to join.

🖥️Do you run Facebook a group? I would love to know the name of your group! please send me a message with any tips you may have on how to keep members engaged.

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