Your Digital Product Manager

Katrina Young
4 min readFeb 2, 2023

Your Digital Product Manager is Dedicated strategic consultant.

Partnering with you to create, manage, and deliver the product information your customers need.

Katrina will support you in innovating and adopt solutions to empower and embrace emerging technologies; she is passionate about product design, technology, and innovating digital solutions to real-world problems, driving the rapid design, development and deployment of technology-enabled business solutions.

The Digital Product Manager for SMEs enables a framework to facilitate end-to-end product development for Small and Medium Enterprises.

We’re obsessed with making the user experience exceptional to help our customers achieve digital product success

translating customer needs and voicing them into product requirements that provide optimal satisfaction: Digital Products are built with a mix of simplicity, intuition, empowerment and delight for every customer. I have enjoyed every part of this journey: from the designing phase to the launch of our products.

In a changing economy, consumers have new needs and demands that need to be addressed by innovative products.

As businesses are always looking for a competitive advantage, an experienced digital product manager can help create new products or improve existing ones, with the customer’s perspective in mind.

Providing solutions to the key challenges that SMEs face when bringing new technology to market and how you can combat them with experience and creativity.

With a human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.

Providing technical support and helping you to build your business playbook, supporting SMEs and departments to thrive in a digital-first evolving economy. Bridging the gap between technology, R & D, up-skilling, innovation and market opportunity. Supporting digital transformation culture transition, from ideation, design thinking, and strategy to MVP, technology adoption to launch. We have built up our practice around the uptake and development of new digital technologies,

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Areas that I can support or manage:

  • Ideating, Developing, and creating digital products
  • Online Digital Product Customer Journey & Touchpoint management
  • Digital Operations & Workflow
  • Product Process Mapping
  • Online Digital Product Backend Systems building and creation
  • Online Digital Client Acquisition
  • Online, Website, Webpage and Sales Funnel Metrics, Data & Web Reporting
  • Programmatic Media Planning for selling Digital Products
  • Securing PR and Positioning Authority promotional media pieces
  • Experience in leveraging SEO, SEM & Native Advertising strategy for Digital Product online selling
  • Digital Asset Monetisation
  • UX Microcopy Writing for Mobile and online selling
  • User Discovery Requirement Gathering Workshops
  • Digital Product Conversion Copywriting
  • Online Customer Experience
  • Identifying Digital and Marketing Growth Hacking opportunities
  • Accessibility/Usability Testing for online platforms
  • Customer Journey Mapping for online e-commerce
  • Digital Online Sales Architect
  • Optimising Products with Digital Inclusion for Accessibility
  • Online Business Sales Pipeline management
  • Key Stakeholder Engagement
  • Digital Solution Management
  • Compiling Data for online Digital Business Development Pitches
  • Online Key Performance Metrics
  • Digital Product Testing, Quality Assurance & Launching
  • Digital /Online Governance and Compliance

Looking for a Digital Product Manager to help build and test new products, releases and features. Balance business viability, technical feasibility, and customer desire to lead products and features toward long-term success. Learn from a seasoned expert. Book a complimentary call via the button or form below.

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