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How do small businesses contact me through the platform?

There are several ways for community members to contact me, engage and work with me:

  • Connect with me to become part of my Enterprise Nation network

An expert advisor at Enterprise Nation, you can connect with me here

Enterprise Nation, where advisers help the community to grow. Adviser members assist small businesses in a variety of areas.

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This Free 5 part series will give you ideas on how to package and monetise your knowledge, skills and ideas. The are some ideas which you may not be comfortable with, this is totally fine, I am certain you are sure to find at least 20 ideas, which you can execute and implement immediately!

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Copy of Pinterest Templates KYC Digital  (21).png

There are so many ways that you can use Google Map Images to build your small business lead generation efforts. Google Map Images are FREE and are highly under-utilised. Online marketing and local SEO…. is a pretty competitive space. There are a lot of companies vying for the same keywords, with the same offers. When it comes to lead generation, there are many ways you can get leads online: through pay-per-click ads, social media advertisements, YouTube videos or blog posts. One that might not immediately come to mind is using Google Maps images to optimise your online visibility.

Of course…

A Guide to Sales Funnel and Website Monetisation

Effective ways to create lead-generating, client-attracting, high online visibility, websites and sales funnels that will make you more profit should be your focus if you use a website or sales funnels to promote, market and promote your sales and products online. With the world now being available at your fingertips through the internet, and an increase in mobile spending we have seen a new type of commerce emerges. …

👋🏽 Engaging Diversity and Equality in the Creative Campaign Process 👋🏽

💡 The consideration of differences is critical and pervasive in the creative campaign process. Diversity and equality can be especially overlooked in regards to thinking about prejudice from a positive standpoint, which is often a ‘blind spot’ of the industry. I address some of the basic challenges of creating campaigns that include diverse people, culture and ways of thinking from both a planning and executing standpoint through real-life examples. Ultimately, these are things that need to be considered from the start, not added at the end or reworked on.

❌Traditional advertising…

Tips for upgrading your services, products and Backend system structures with Digital Transformation 🔄

💡Here are some tips below

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What You Need to Know: Technology, Automation & Robotics

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a form of technology that mimics human intelligence in computers, robotics, and software. As new enabling technologies make AI more ubiquitous, increasing numbers of AI technologies are being used in marketing and advertising for individualised services.

Artificial intelligence is already helping marketers boost results by delivering data-driven media decisions, analysing consumer sentiment, and improving customer service. Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise marketing and advertising by driving massive growth through unique ROI insights, interactive marketing experiences.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing Forever — is this a gd thing?

AI Analysis & Audience Analysis: ai for marketing analysis and audience analysis helps businesses better understand the performance…

Business Scaling & Growing — Digital

Dear Enterprise, Department, Entrepreneur & Business owner,

Choosing your Business software and tech stacks ✔️

Before we begin considering scaling a business, we need to consider;

  • Structure

We should begin with auditing our Business software, tools, tech and platforms for ROI. In other words, the tech and software that your business runs and relies upon having an impact or capability assessment

  • ROI

An example of this for myself includes some of the assessments;

- have you activated the license, tool or…

How To Measure The Performance of Your Business: a blog discussing how to measure your business’ performance and strategy.

For business owners, the purpose of gap analysis is to measure and understand the disparity between where you are and where you want to be

The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction to digital gap analysis for your business.

A company’s digital gap score can be used as an indicator of how well the business is communicating with current and potential customers via all digital channels.

Is your business getting left behind with digital trends? Are you making sure that your business is using the latest trends, tools and tactics?

Digital gap analysis looks at your performance…

How To Build A Profitable Sales Funnel that attracts leads and sales

Building a conversion-ready, optimised sales funnel is hard. Building an effective and growing scale ready sales funnel can be even harder still.

Funnels are used by nearly everyone who sells products and services online. Whether you’re selling a product, an experience, information products, your skills, or something else entirely, building a successful sales funnel is essential to navigating the world of online sales.
Building a successful sales funnel can be tricky. It requires incredible sales skills and an incredible amount of effort. Yet, once you figure it out, the rewards are virtually endless.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is what happens when…

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