My top tools For growing An Online Digital Consultancy or Business

Software Tools and Services I recommend

Online Security, Insurance, Legals, Governance, and Compliance

Express VPN — — A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. VPNs protect your online traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.

Business Insurance — — KYC Digital and Business & Marketing Hub members receive an incentive. Get covered for less. Providing members with 10% off their business insurance.

Software, Tools, Project Management and Account Management

Appsumo — — You can stop paying monthly for software by using AppSumo and getting the best deals on tools to help you and your business grow. Here’s $10 to get started. …

Future of Work: Technology

I will be joining Enterprise Nation & Dell Technologies for an event exploring how founders can implement technology in their future business plans!

With the Coronavirus pandemic accelerating changes in the way we work, our ‘Future of Work’ series in partnership with Dell Technologies looks at the working practices founders should be implementing now, to future-proof their businesses.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how technology can (and should) be used to help a business not only survive… but thrive!

Panelists and I will be sharing thoughts on how to approach digital transformation and the benefits a business owner can expect…

Have you heard the phrase, “Diversification”?

In an era that promotes making money while you sleep ( which for many triggers a distasteful and untrustworthy covert internet marketing practice of this topic and headline).

Whilst I do not buy into the narrative of passive income whilst you sleep, because after working with thousands of clients I can tell you that nothing is passive about setting up a passive sales system.

However, with the appropriate strategy and automation systems set in place, it is completely possible for your business or enterprise. You truly can leverage your knowledge and skills by packaging…

Business Automation using Digital Robotic Processes

Now more than ever Small Businesses are facing some enormous challenges right now.

  • Their resources are limited
  • They are unaware of the best practices for implementing Digital Transformation
  • They do not know how to manage the process of choosing the right tech
  • Do not know the best practice to brainstorm a human-centered approach to technology
  • Have the knowledge of how to benefit from Robotic and Automation and how to apply this within a small workforce

By adopting Humanised Robotic Automation Processes, smaller companies can benefit from:

  • Upskilling a workforce with Digital Capabilities
  • Improve selling…

Title: Thinking of Launching an online business?

Congratulations, you have a business idea that you wish to launch into the world!

In my experience and as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Along the way of supporting Global Companies to launch, assisting clients as well as launching my own brands, I have accumulated a growing little black book of lessons learned and best practices.

Here I share tips for building your confidence to launch your new online business.

Remember confidence is a muscle and grows with the repetition of building your experience from doing. …

One of the things that I am guilty of is holding back as an introvert from fear of failure and judgment…..

The week before lockdown I had just moved into an office space to run workshops. A lot of my clients were 1:1 and like so many I lost business overnight.

I had to cancel a retreat and workshops, a product, and book launch, as many have been impacted, we are all in this, many impacted more from isolation. Businesses going under overnight and many families impacted and suffering from mental health. …

I know this time is hard. My heart goes out to those impacted by the uncertainty, I know I certainly am. Wishing those who may have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 my sincere condolences. For those who have suffered from symptoms I am sending healing and wrapping my community, colleagues, and loved ones in my prayers. We are all impacted and in this together. It all begins with us and I have decided to share tips with my community to navigate uncertain times for rebuilding. …

The large majority of businesses either want or need more clients, work or overall sales. That probably includes you too, right?

“Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Some examples of lead generators are job applications, coupons, and online content.”

Getting in that initial hook in before you convert anything into a sale is vital.

Show and share *some* of what you know! Not only is it a great way to showcase that you’re fabulous at what you do, but you can also…

Interested in learning about the Sales Funnel and making sales ( particularly online) ?

Want to convert visitors and readers into customers and sales ?

According to research, 74% of online companies claim that converting leads to customers is their first priority. If you want to learn how to engage more visitors, generate more leads and make more sales, then learning how to build a sales funnel should be your first priority.

If you feel you are doing everything to improve your conversion rate, but still people do not seem to be buying and you are not getting the sales…

Katrina Young

Award Winning Business Consultant | Digital | Marketing Specialist | Project Manager |Sales Funnel Architect /Robotics — Content /Lead Gen Curator & Aggregator

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